RV King Pin Lock (Eagle King Pin Lock) Keyed Alike Set of 2

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Eagle King Pin Lock: This solid steel piece of equipment is a must for any truck driver or RV owner. The ring body slides on to a trailers king pin to prevent a potential thief from pulling up, hitching, and driving off with your load or camper. No tools are required, simply slide the king pin lock into place and turn the key.

This keyed alike model is available in single form as a replacement product or add on to the packages on this site (i.e., you have a fleet of seven, but we only have a set of 6 keyed alike). If you are ordering a replacement please call-in to speak with a sales representative and specify the number on your key. This will help us identify the best match for your existing set.

Keyed Alike are for trucking companies, RV dealers or fleet drivers. Multiple king pin locks can be purchased with the keys that work all of them. This is especially useful for managers to be able to go from lock to lock without worrying about locating the key to that particular lock or matching the right lock with the right driver.

Our lock is high endurance powder coated with a bright attention grabbing orange color. The last thing you need is for a driver to not see the king pin lock and pull in and try to link up.

The Eagle King Pin lock has a universal fit and the materials and finish that will last for years of on the road abuse.



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