RV King Pin Lock (Master Lock 388) - Master Keyed Unique

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The Master Lock King Pin has many advantages that increase security and convenience for your fleet by preventing the attempted theft of semi-trailers and valuable cargo. The lock fastens to the king pin of an unattended trailer and blocks attempts to hook to an unauthorized tractor.
  • Keyed Alike - This means all quantities you purchase will be accessible by 1 key.
  • Secures the king pin of semi-trailers, RV's and other fifth wheel trailers.
  • The king pin lock is constructed of a high grade lightweight aluminum while providing a high level of security.
  • Any attempts to drill or pull the cylinder from the lock are prevented by the hardened steel bottom plate.
  • The rivets are countersunk to prevent chisel attempts. There is no accessible shackle to cut.
  • The bright red flag and powdercoating are visible from a distance helping to prevent accidental hitching attempts.
  • The handle and light weight (6.5 LBS) make it easy to carry your king pin lock.
  • Legendary Master Lock "Tough Under Fire" Security Series.
  • Provides peace of mind so you can sleep at night knowing your RV will stay right where you parked it.
  • Lock It King is proud to be an "Authorized Master Lock Dealer".

QB ID: 388 MK W600A


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