RV King Pin Lock (Eagle King Pin Lock) Keyed Unique Set of 12 - - With Safety Ribbon

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Eagle King Pin Lock: This solid steel piece of equipment is a must for any truck driver or RV owner. The ring body slides on to a trailers king pin to prevent a potential thief from pulling up, hitching, and driving off with your load or camper. No tools are required, simply slide the king pin lock into place and turn the key.

Keyed Unique are for the individual drivers and RV owners. If you purchase this king pin lock you will get two keys with the lock. These keys will open this lock and this lock alone. Nor will others keys be able to open this lock even if they are Eagle Pin Lock brand keys.

Our lock is high endurance powder coated with a bright attention grabbing orange color. The last thing you need is for a driver to not see the king pin lock and pull in and try to link up.

The Eagle King Pin lock has a universal fit and the materials and finish that will last for years of on the road abuse.

QB ID: KU-12-S


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